Coming soon: Co-brand your work with the Waking the Giant logo!

Co-brand your work with the Waking the Giant logo!

Starting in April 2021, you are welcome to co-brand with Waking the Giant. Co-branding is a great opportunity to make your SDG-related work visible and connect with other churches and faith-based actors working for sustainable development. Together we are comprising a large network of Waking the Giant actors.  

The existing Waking the Giant logo with the LWF logo on the left will refer to the LWF-facilitated global processes and materials. After completing the vetting process, you are free to use the Waking the Giant logo by replacing the LWF logo on the left with your own logo. 

The vetting process for co-branding will include the following steps: 

  1. Get to know the Waking the Giant initiative and your SDG-activity rate by using the Waking the Giant SDG self-assessment tools.  
  2. Join the Waking the Giant global network by assigning one or more designated representative(s) from your church or organization. If your institution would like to become a network amember, send an informal request to [email protected], and attach your self-assessment tool results (min. 2 tools tested). 
  3. Get to know the Waking the Giant brandbook and make sure you (and your communication office) are able to follow the visibility guidelines outlined in the document. An updated version of the brandbook will be published in April. 

  4. Once you are a network member and you checked the brandbook, you may send a request to co-brand to [email protected], including:  

  • Name and contact details of your church or organisation; 

  • Your role in the church or organisation; 

  • A short explanation why your church or organisation would like to co-brand; 

  • A short overview of your church’s or organisation's SDG-related work.  

After LWF has evaluated your request, you will receive a co-branding agreement. Once the agreement is counter-signed by a official representative of your church or organisation, you are free to co-brand!