A social media campaign shows the commitment of faith-based actors to SDGs

“...it is not enough to mobilize minds around the SDGs, we must also mobilize hearts and souls. This is where men and women of faith can make all the difference.”

With these words former Under Secretary-General and Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva Michael Møller underlined the importance of faith-based actors in implementation and achievement of SDGs at the launch of the self-assessment tool of Waking the Giant in June 2019.

Churches around the world are doing so much for the SDGs, but very often do not link their work to the SDGs. During the coming months, we are plugging churches into SDGs – asking everyone to help their church see their work as part of a bigger, global agenda – the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. Together we can make bigger strides towards SDGs.



Up for a challenge?

To help amplify this movement, we have launched a global social media challenge and we are counting on you.

The goals of the campaign are to

  1. Show the world that people of faith are committed to making this world a better place - by contributing to the Agenda 2030
  2. Raise awareness of Waking the Giant as a global movement of faith-based actors engaging with the Agenda 2030


Here is how you can join:

  1. Download one of the #ChurchesforSDGs pledge cards
  2. Name one way your church is of service to your community
  3. Take a picture of yourself holding the pledge card
  4. Share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag 3 other friends to do the same.

Remember to use the hashtag #ChurchesforSDGs

Suggested posts to upload with your pictures

  • Challenge accepted! My church supports the Giraffe Project Kenya, an initiative that provides education to children in the slums of Nairobi. I nominate @Nina @Dawn @Bieber #SDG4 #QualityEducation #ChurchesforSDGs
  • I support #ChurchesforSDGs because I am inspired by the efforts by my church to cook for the homeless in my area. I nominate @Caja @Diana @Tom #SDG2 #ZeroHunger #ChurchesforSDGs