SDG Training Colombia

Children watch the sunrise at the Arauca river, Colombia. Photo: LWF

LWF/DMD, together with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Colombia (IELCO) and the Fundación Camino de Emaús, is planning a regional workshop on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for LWF member churches from the Latin American and Caribbean region. They will be joined by representatives of Colombian churches that participate in the ‘Waking the Giant’ initiative.

The purpose of the workshop is to:

  • Raise awareness on SDGs and their relevance to the work of the churches
  • Gather existing experience on working with SDGs from participating churches
  • Provide churches with tools for relating their work to SDGs (by introducing ‘Waking the Giant’ SDG material and self-assessment methodology)
  • Promote the ‘Waking the Giant’ initiative within the region.

The training is upon invitation only. If you ar interested in participating, please contact Ms Julia Brümmer