Waking the Giant: Global Meeting

Saint John York, the National Coordinator of Waking the Giant in Liberia, speaks at the launch of the Waking the Giant initiative at the Liberia Council of Churches 32nd General Assembly at St. Stephen Episcopal Church, in Liberia, 2018. Photo: LWF/John Healey

Annual global meeting of the Waking the Giant Initiative

The annual global meetings of Waking the Giant bring together implementers and partners to share updates on the initiative and develop plans for future implementation.

The preliminary program of this year’s meeting is as follows:

  • 30 October – Internal meeting of target country representatives.
  • 31 October – Update on Waking the Giant implementation at the global level and in the target countries; launch of a mapping study on churches’ contributions to the SDGs in Liberia.
  • 01 November – Mid-term review of Waking the Giant pilot phase (working sessions).