SDG Self-assessment tools

Welcome to the Waking the Giant SDG self-assessment tool!

You may not realize just how many links there are between the work of your church or organization and the objectives of the UN’s sustainable development agenda. That is why we have created the self-assessment tool.

The self-assessment tool can serve as an entry point for faith-based actors to understand what the SDGs are and how they contribute to them. Your responses to the questionnaire can help churches, global ecumenical organizations and others to draw attention to the amazing range of work contributing to SDGs.

The self-assessment tool is an easy-to-use interactive questionnaire that helps you and your colleagues think about what you are doing and identify how that work connects to selected sustainable development goals.

If you discover you don’t currently have programmes or initiatives that help meet those goals, the tool offers hints for how to get involved.

The SDG self-assessment tool was developed by the Waking the Giant initiative, a global ecumenical initiative of The Lutheran World Federation (LWF). The initiative aims to build the capacity of churches to contribute effectively to the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development and provides churches and church-related actors with tools and trainings to relate their on-going work to the SDGs.

How to fill the self assessment tool?

Access the web-based questionnaires or download the printed versions:

Here you can access the web-based questionnaires or download the printed versions:

About targets and indicators:

The SDG self-assessment tools are based on the SDG targets and indicators. If you would like to learn more about the SDG targets and indicators, click here.