SDG Self-assessment tools

Next steps: What to do with the results?

Celebrate, Share and Enrich

After receiving your results, there are 3 steps we encourage you to take:
Celebrate, Share and Enrich.

How to celebrate:

  • Compile your organization’s annual report to the general public by using the SDGs as a framework to introduce your work;
  • Celebrate what your partners have done and achieved;
  • Celebrate your achievements with the communities;
  • Celebrate during international key dates such as Christmas;
  • Celebrate during Sunday services to express our thanks to God;
  • Create a SDG celebration week connected to the themes in the church;
  • Publish pictures and information about the SDG actions and results online;
  • Organize workshops/forums/seminars to promote SDGs;
  • Organize a special SDG Sunday to raise awareness.

With whom to share the results:

  • Communities and beneficiaries;
  • Government;
  • Academic institutions;
  • Regional or global networks;
  • Faith-based organisations (FBOs) and other actors;
  • UN agencies such as UNHCR or UNICEF;
  • Ecumenical actors;
  • Youth, schools.

How to enrich the existing work:

  • Educate further, empower the teachers;
  • Learn what other churches/ faith actors are doing and get inspired from good examples;
  • Create online trainings;
  • Learn more about the SDG targets and indicators;
  • Organize awareness raising for the parishes;
  • Explore more theological linkages with SDGs and share them with the community.​
Whichever steps choose to take next, remember to add that activity to your work plan.